In a world where customers are bored with email marketing and the effectiveness of social media is questionable, you stand a far higher chance of gaining the attention of customers when using SMS marketing, which is getting more popular than ever. There is something about SMS marketing that is simple, yet highly effective in forging close relationships with your customers.

Here are 5 key ways to use SMS marketing for your business and how to get the most out of your clients:-

1. ‘Always on’ communication

On average a smartphone is checked around 150 times a day and 98% of text messages are opened. So Unlike emails and social media, which are seldom checked on a frequent basis, if at all, SMS messages get through every time, all the time. A text message will be the first thing that is seen on the home screen as soon as the phone is picked up. No matter what time of the day it is, a short message with perhaps a call to action could be the key to another sale. Over time, you will learn when is the best time to send texts, determined of course by response rates.

2. You know your audience is interested

A great feature of SMS marketing is that your database will comprise of customers that have opted-in to your scheme, they have possibly used your service in the past and want to hear from you. They know and trust you and welcome the chance to find out what you are prepared to offer. Marketing in this way is highly effective and generates optimum response rates. Let them know you love them by proactively putting offers in front of them, saving the bother of looking online and shopping around for the best deal.

3. Don’t be too intrusive

If you bombard your customers with text messages, they will most likely opt out if it becomes too intrusive. You should be delighted that your customer has a desire to hear from you from time to time, use this privilege wisely. Promote your business and the most important deals that you don’t want them to miss out on, do not send frivolous or irrelevant information.

4. Use this powerful tool sparingly

No matter how good your restaurant is, or relaxing the beauty therapy you offer, in normal circumstances, customers are unlikely to want to visit you more than once a week. No one wants to be bombarded and texts will lose value and appeal if you send too many, too often. Limit the amount you send to a maximum of four in a 30 day period and decide which texts are suitable for specific clients. It is important that the platform you use gives you this flexibility.

5. Careful what you say

Wording is incredibly important. Text messages are typically read as soon as they are received and this may not always be an appropriate moment, so be brief, clear and don’t waffle. Try to avoid using percentages when offering discounts. Sad as it is, a lot of people are unable to work out how much they are getting off in real terms. This is especially true in the Restaurant sector when the customer does not know how much a meal would cost, so a percentage does not relate to a value. A free glass of wine or free dessert will probably cost you less, but be far more appealing to your customer.

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