Yes, you read that right! People carry out 221 tasks per day on their smartphones, compared to just 140 on a desktop or laptop.

That’s just one of the statistics revealed by a recent survey of 2,000 UK smartphone owners. *

And not only do we take to our phones to carry out more than 200 tasks a day, but we start early too!

Research found that the average user reaches for their phone before they’ve even gotten out of bed, checking the weather, picking up emails and seeing if they’ve missed anything on social media before they think about breakfast.

And they’re on them late, with the average time at which people last check their phones in a day being 11:21pm.

A grand total of three hours and 16 minutes of time spent using phones over the course of any given day.

Now you are aware of this, now you know how often your customers are looking at their phone, shouldn’t you be sending them an SMS message?


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